The final event of our lecture-miniseries in the context of our show Conceptual Joining at AIL at 28.10.2019, starting 19:00 on Matter + Digitality

„Matter + Digitality“ (event in English)

We would like to discuss to which extent material properties (can) have a direct effect on digital design tools. It would also be interesting to talk about the potential of technology in regard to offering possibilities for the utilization of physical materials, wood in particular.

Moderation: Anja Jonkhans (Angewandte, IoA, building construction)


  • Hannelore Paflik Huber:
    • theorist, Researcher esthetics, curator, degrees in mathematics and art history
    • expertise: video/media art, the notion of time in contemporary art, esthetics (paflikhuber.de)
    • teaching: Akademy of fine Arts, Stuttgart, Germany.
  • Tobias Nolte:
    • architect, designer, programmer/software specialist
    • Co-founder design agency „Certain Measures“, Berlin, Germany
    • expertise: architecture, Computer Science, Big Data (article in “brandeins” )
    • teaching: Prof. Architectural Visualization, Leibniz University Hannover, Germany
  • Martin Self:
    • architect, researcher, degrees in aerospace engineering and architecture theory
    • expertise: digital fabrication, architecture, engineering, robotics, key interest in wood (eg. “Wood Chip Barn”)
    • teaching: director of „Design + Make“, Architectural Association London
  • Johannes Braumann: