Book release

Our book is now available!

The book is a documentation of the research process, complemented by guest essays.
It is available as a paperback and open-access digital version with all texts in English and German.

Design: Caroline Ecker, ce-design, published by De Gruyter / Birkhäuser, Edition Angewandte:

About the book:

This research has been ongoing. Questions have been investigated following a bottom-up methodology with an open-ended outcome, producing findings in the process. Therefore, this publication constitutes an open workbook that, even though it includes completed studies, refers to further potential questions and speculations. Reflecting on the open-ended nature of working, this book invites readers to pick up on these open ends and continue exploring.
The documentation of processes, results and findings from within the research is complemented by guest essays that add perspectives and crossdisciplinary views.
The initial chapter depicts the central research questions that form the basis and precondition for Conceptual Joining. Academics from the fields of material and cultural science discuss the complex material properties of wood and the diverse aspects of crafting.
The central chapter illustrates the research activity disclosing techniques, workflows, findings and failures. Close collaboration partners and mentors accompanied the project documentation through excursions into specific relevant topics in the form of (stand-alone) essays. Some studies are graphically highlighted that were not followed up. They are possible starting points for further research.
The final part assembles reflections and speculations by guest authors from the fields of architecture, art theory and philosophy. Lastly, a contribution about a related research project shows another approach to the same material.