Just like the old carpenters did back in Edo-Period, we left Takayama today to continue our investigations in Kyoto. Above the Shimogamo Shrine. 

The first little train took us through beautiful valleys along rivers with steep mountains..

In Nagoya we had to transfer and took the Shinkansen. The technical ingenuity of the ticket validation machines is impressive. 

Kyoto Subway – Everybody still on board .

Our first meeting in Kyoto was with Prof Shimizu at Kyoto Design Lab. A meeting to  discuss the next days visits .

Excitement about the upcoming days ( right to left: Anja , Lukas, Daniela, Kanade, Karin )

Brackets and Rafters – Shimogamo Shrine / Kyoto

Kawai Shrine

Beautiful Kyoto – Here the Kamo River

Kamo River while crossing

It was another great day for us