DAY – 12 : NARA

Today Prof. Shimizu took us to Nara and gave us a private Tour around the Hōryū-ji Temple (National Treasure) in Nara Prefecture to see the oldest wood building in existence.

South Main entrance gate with a view to the renovation site.

View from the roof level of the main building (from the restoration site)

as in every temple and shrine, school kids queue to see their national treasures.

half modern take and (too) modern take on construction?….one of these concrete buildings houses the burnt (1948) parts (from around 630) of the former main hall.

way to the next stop…

…Jiko-In a teahouse with gardens in the Sukiya style – including a tee ceremony.

tea house main room with openings to the garden.

some details

courtyard (with Anja)

different floorings (with my feet)

the roof scape of the teahouse buildings, seen from the garden.

Japanese love their trees.

strolling the backstreets of Nara to find our way back to Kyoto.

Trainride back to Kyoto…and then later another Shinkansen ride to Tokyo…our trip is slowly coming to an end….one more day to go!