Lecture and Workshop with Jun Sato

On October 16th 2018 structural engineer Prof. Jun Sato from the Technical University of Tokyo will give a lecture about “Kigumi” in the course of the “Building Construction – Making of” lecture series followed by a workshop from October 17th-19th, hosted by Jun Sato himself in colaboration with the conceptual joining team for students from the disciplines Industrial Design 1, Architecture and DAE.

Prof. Jun Sato explaining us (the conceptual joining Team) the Kigumi Joinery of the Sunny Hills Building at his Lab at the Technical University of Tokyo during our visit in May 2018.


Short brief for the Workshop:

In this workshop we are experimenting on spatial wooden structures that are based on the concept of Kigumi, the carpentry craft of interlocking joints in traditional Japanese Architecture.

The three day workshop is led by Jun Sato of Tokyo University. Mr. Sato is a leading Japanese structural designer and engineer who is collaborating with architects such as Junya Ishigami, Sou Fujimoto or Kengo Kuma. http://junsato.k.u-tokyo.ac.jp

He is supported by architects and researchers Lukas Allner, Daniela Kroehnert and Philipp Reinsberg of Conceptual Joining.

The aim of this workshop is to freely interpret and physically experiment on joinery techniques and the spatial potential of wooden frameworks.

Students will explore and design 3-dimensional structures derived from Kigumi techniques. Those are composed of straight timber elements in a given dimension of 50x50x(max.)2000mm. This structure is designed as a modular system to form a repetitive, potentially endless framework.

The workshop will start with an experimentation phase finding concepts through sketches and physical models out of styrofoam together with Prof. Sato and continue through reviews and specialization and culminate in a physical wooden 1:1 installation accompanied by a short presentation in the evening.


All interested students should address their respective studio heads / institutes in the upcoming days for further information on how to take part in it.