Branch Formations: AR-construction

We tested an augmented reality (AR) application programmed by
Ben James for a method of fabricating joints of another interation of a Branch Formations.

A digital aggregation of 3D scanned branches is equipped with half lap joint details.

In an AR app on an Android Smart Phone the digital branch models appear ghosted with white outlines, the device’s camera registers the physical geometry and automatically synchronizes digital and physical.
The edges of the joint geometries are highlighted as white curves allowing us to trace these lines.

The joint connections were cut by hand tools using the traced linework as guides.

While tracing it is necessary to carefully monitor the alignment of digital and physical object and simultaneously attempt to match the virtual curves with the drawing pen.
In some instances we were too much focused on the tracing part and didn’t realize the tracking has been interrupted caused by too much device/camera movement around the object while tracing.

As a result some connections are well off, in some instances the imprecisions in both parts to be connected were adding up to produce gaps of up to ~10mm.

The AR tool could be improved by strengthening the visibility of the outlines as well as culling the backside lines for easier tracking.

This fabrication methodology allows for
handling and manufacturing of complex geometrical structures with simple and very accessible means of devices: a Smart Phone and woodworking handtools.