AIL show: Branch Formations – installation

design and fabrication process of the installation structure including AR content.

The realized structure is built from 59 branches, the design is a part of much larger virtual framework composed of 766 elements representing a prototypical architectural setup.

The initial configuration is a uniform grid of identical y-shaped elements. In this structure a collection of point loads are used as a load case scenario for a structural analysis in Karamba 3D for (Grasshopper / Rhino 3D).

Specimen from a catalog of 3D scanned branch elements are positioned in the lattice according to utilization values to replace the identical proto-elements. Gaps and discontinuities, caused by the irregular parts, are compensated by a dynamic simulation with a constraint-based model in Kangaroo for Grasshopper.

In the final formation the initial load points where connected with architectural ramp-like elements as a speculative use case scenario.

Joint details were cut with a KUKA robotic arm, Philipp Hornung of the Angewandte Robotics Lab took care of the fabrication process.

The virtual portion of the overall aggregation is visible through an Augmented reality App on an i Pad, programmed by Ben James.