Branch Formations – Control Geometry

Since our last post about the abstraction principles and control geometry we have adapted the system and also automated several processes.

after 3d-scanning the individual meshes are loaded automatically into Rhino and a grasshopper definition is generating the color coded centerlines and cross sections at each branch-arm end and orients the whole geometry-set at the world origin for further data-processing.
Each object is placed on an individual layer for easier data handling in the further steps.

overview of all generated and needed data

Additionally 3 points are placed at the markings on the end-faces of each branch-arm which serve as reference geometry to reposition the original scan models into the assembled configuration and thus allow for designing specific joints and modifications of the physical parts for later CNC-processing.

marks at the branch arm end-faces serving as reference geometry

control geometry generation in McNeels Rhinoceros 6.0 with a Grasshopper Definition
automated loading and geometry generation of the whole scanned branch set
several generated centerlines and cross-section sets and one whole branch data-set